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Realtor Branding with Real Estate Property Tour Videos


The goal of most real estate agents is to get listings. Listings not only represent more money for the realtor, but listings also mean that an agent is trusted as a home sales expert.

That’s why realtors like Geoff Pershick of eXp Realty in North Vancouver invest in property tour videos like the one here. Geoff recognizes the value of increased exposure for his services as a listing agent.

These property tour videos can help connect with potential buyers, but more importantly, these videos help potential sellers to choose to work with Geoff.

A video like this takes several hours to film, as we do a full narration of the property in addition to filming the home itself. During the narration, we support Geoff by offering feedback on what he says and how he delivers his message. The goal is to help Geoff present his best self to potential clients.

The blooper reel at the end of the video is meant to show the human side of Geoff and further strengthen the connection with the viewer.

The result is a video that helps Geoff grow his business by making it easier for potential clients to choose him, as well as past clients to refer him and work with him in the future.

Contact us today to learn how we can help you, whether you’re a realtor or not, use videos to build your brand and increase leads.


August 11, 2022