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Sitka Coast Construction Renovation Walkthrough


Sitka Coast Construction had two business goals they wanted to achieve: First, they wanted to show the amazing home renovation project they completed with the goal of attracting new clients; and second, they wanted to enter the project for some prestigious renovation and design awards.

The Solution

The solution we presented to achieve their goals was to create three videos, while also saving time and money by repurposing the same video footage.

The first video is this one you see here, which is a full walkthrough video of the renovation project to show off the stunning renovation work that was completed by Sitka Coast Construction.

The second video was a short video ad that was also for social media sharing to create brand awareness. We repurposed footage from the main walkthrough video to create this highly shorter video.

And the third video was a testimonial video, featuring the owners of the home describing their experience working with Sitka Coast Construction. You can see that video here.

How We Planned & Filmed This Video

We spoke with Sitka Coast Construction to determine what aspects of the renovation should be highlighted. We discussed target audiences, business goals, challenges with securing new clients, etc. Our goal was to fully understand the business and how this video would help maximize ROI.

We determined that the best course of action was to capture part of the renovation in progress and combine that with footage of the completed project. The purpose was to show the transformation, but it was also done with the testimonial video in mind.

We knew we would be asking the clients questions about the renovation experience, so we needed to ensure we had the right footage.

With a renovation project, you only have a small window to capture specific footage, and so we planned our filming around getting those shots.

The Result

Sitka Coast Construction, at the time of this posting, is a finalist in two categories for the 2022 National Awards of the Canadian Home Builders Association. The project in the video was named a finalist in Best Kitchen Renovation and Best Whole Home Renovation.

This walkthrough video is now an impactful piece of marketing that Sitka Coast Construction can proudly display and, more importantly, use to attract new clients and grow their business.

Working with Kwan Multimedia means working to achieve your business goals. We speak to you as fellow business owners to create videos that are not only beautiful, cool or whatever adjective you like, but that will help your business make money.

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March 16, 2022