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Sitka Coast Construction Video Ad


Sitka Coast Construction needed a way to showcase a major renovation project with two goals in mind. First, they wanted to show the amazing home they worked on with the goal of attracting new clients. Second, they wanted to enter the project for various renovation and design awards.

The solution we presented was to create three videos.

The first would be a full walkthrough video of the renovation project to show off the details of the incredible work that was completed by Sitka Coast Construction.

The second video was the one you’re seeing now, which is a short video intended for a video ad and for social media sharing to create brand awareness. We were able to repurpose footage from the main walkthrough video to create this highly effective shorter version.

And the third video was a testimonial video featuring the owners of the home describing their experience working with Sitka Coast Construction.

The Result

Sitka Coast Construction, at the time of this posting, is a finalist in two categories for the 2022 National Awards of the Canadian Home Builders Association. The project in the video was named a finalist in Best Kitchen Renovation and Best Whole Home Renovation.

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March 16, 2022