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Hi, I'm Carl, And switching on a video camera changed my life.


Carl Kwan, Owner of Kwan Multimedia

When I created my YouTube channel in 2009, the now-monster platform was still in its infancy. In the early days, YouTube was very much the wild west, and any video could secure eyeballs. Those days are long gone. Viewers today expect quality, and I’ve developed a finely tuned instinct for the strategy behind successful business videos. Teaching myself YouTube was made easier thanks to my work as a voice actor, radio guest, TV host, and presentations consultant in Seoul.

Growing my YouTube channel while working internationally for Samsung, Jaguar Land Rover Korea and Motorola tapped my entrepreneurial expertise and put my MBA to proper use (told you so, mom and dad!), but something was missing.

I wanted to be more hands-on and pour my myriad of business experience, education and passion for helping people succeed into a new venture.

Kwan Multimedia was born.

Using Videos

To Effectively Market Your Business

Communication is most effective when it connects us, conveys personality and forges an emotional bond. Powerful business storytelling, however, requires equal parts art and science. As someone who built their career from the ground up using video as the main tool, I know firsthand that without a marketing strategy to enhance both your story and bottom line, it’s easy to leave money on the table.

Most videos won’t go viral, but they can be exceptionally potent tools for inbound marketing and steady organic growth. Effective video marketing has a distinct formula, one which I’ve honed to get results. My work is particularly effective because marketing messaging and ROI-focused strategy are baked in from the beginning—the red light won’t switch on until there’s a plan in place.

Why I Love Doing What I Do

Nothing compares to the feeling of working alongside CEOs, entrepreneurs and small businesses to overcome the hurdles to success through video. My work is personal for me—a sliver of my heart goes into each video I make.

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