Did you know that a company’s About page is the second most visited page on a website? Consumers want to know who they are dealing with, to do business with people we like. 

So after a promo video to talk about your business, team intro videos are key videos that businesses can use to connect with their customers. 

The challenge is getting your team to make videos, so it’s important that your organization’s leadership get videos first to show the way.

Here, we have an intro video for Dr. Alastair Westcott, the medical director and co-owner of Mountainside Animal Hospital in North Vancouver. Imagine if your beloved dog, cat or other pet needed medical attention, especially emergency medical attention. 

Wouldn’t you want to know that the vet who will care for your pet family member is someone you would like and trust? 

It’s equally important when creating a team member intro video to ensure that the video is not a sales pitch. 

Therefore, what the person talks about needs to be planned and thought about in advance before any filming takes place. 

That’s when a video marketing agency like ours can help. We’ll ensure that your team member’s intro video communicates the right message to help your business.

PS We filmed this video using social distancing protocols at Mountainside Animal Hospital. In fact, with many offices closed these days, it’s a perfect time to film intro videos.